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Thank you for visiting my website. You'll find information about me and my activities/social media here. If you came here looking for the actor Richard Grove, you've found him. For some reason, I chose to use Richard as my first name while working as an actor in Hollywood. I have a separate post devoted to Richard Grove's acting career.  At present, I am producing a podcast about paperbacks called, "The Paperback Show", along with participating in a podcast about machinima (3D movies made inside of video games) called, "And Now For Something Completely Machinima".  I am also an online bookseller at eBay and Amazon under the "Grove Used Books" name. In addition to books, I also sell collectibles, DVDs, and comic books.  Lastly, I have social media pages on Instagram and Facebook. My Flickr page contains all of my found photographs and photos I've taken over the years.  You'll find more detailed info on each of these activities in separat

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